For more than 30 years Lazzarin Cafe is a producer of coffee and synonymous with quality and courtesy.
The company produces different blends of coffee presenting itself as an important reality in the world of coffee beans, ground coffee, pods and capsules, in a process of evolution and specialization leading the roasting to be a concrete and dynamic example of made ??in Italy also abroad. Lazzarin Cafe is also Vending together with the best blends of quality products offering automatic and semiautomatic delivery service with a specialized assistance guaranteed.

Lazzarin Cafe is part of theTriveneto Coffee Roasters Group committed to the promotion of the true espresso coffee culture. Roasting is also one of the 16 founding members of the “ Consortium of protection of Italian espresso coffee tradition”, the new association reality to enhance and at the same time to protect the authentic Made in Italy espresso coffee.
From the bean to the cup, though this Consortium, Lazzarin Cafe will further enhance Italian coffee espresso, loved all over the world.


Lazzarin Cafe produces several blends of coffee beans, ground coffee and pods, able to capture and satisfy the palate of any enthusiast of the most popular drink in the world.


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Lazzarin Cafe with the ground line family.

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Even at home, everyone you want, in a small gesture. Choose your favorite flavor, taste makes them all!

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CAPSULE E CIALDE LAZZARIN CAFE’ IMPERDIBILE promo PER IL GUSTO E PER IL PREZZO Dal 09/07 al 04/08   Ogni 300 capsule a tua scelta avrai 5 €uro di sconto. Ogni 400 capsule 15 €uro di