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Bio Coffee: the certified biological Lazzarin Coffe

Coffee is something without which many of us cannot imagine starting their days. The smell, the heat and the total experience of coffee are the climax of every single morning, but every coffee has its own features.

The bio coffee blend.

The flavors of the origins from which the coffee beans come manifest themselves in a wonderful way. Some coffee origins have a cream or vanilla flavour, while others take on hints of citrus fruits and berries.


Bio Coffee is a biological coffee blend for bars which comes from plantations that exploit the soil’s natural fertility and promote the biodiversity of both plant and animal domestic species, excluding the use of chemical substances and of genetically modified organisms (OGM).


Bio Coffee is a certified biological coffee mixture from CCPB, a certification and control body of agri-food and “no food” products obtained in the organic farming sector and in the eco-compatible and eco-sustainable sector. It is also packaged in the special Sbucciapack wrapping, separable and entirely recyclable packaging.

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